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Heat pump for aquarium


maj 10, 2019
Heat pump for aquarium | Blog - Microwell

People naturally tend to think, that a "water-air" heat pump is mainly used for providing comfort in our everyday lives, either in a form of hot tap water, or in a form of heating up our swimming pool water.

In this blog, we would like to point out, that a swimming pool heat pump can be used for much more purposes than you could ever possibly imagine.

Jellyfish like technical KNOW HOW as well

Here is a short article about how Afrykarium Wroclaw in Poland used our swimming pool heat pump in their aquarium for jellyfish breeding.

Even though, jellyfish breeding is nothing difficult, there are still some conditions that must be kept, for instance: water cleanliness, requested salinity, requested water temperature, etc.

In the tropical environment of aqariums, keeping the water temperature in between 18-20 °C might be very challenging.

Afrykarium Wroclaw in Poland had been facing the above problem for a long time. They had big difficulties with keeping the water tank in the desired temperature level, and in the 5m3 water volume the temperature reached even 32 °C. So the goal was to decrease this value by more than 10 degrees and also to keep this level for future operation.

Installing our Microwell HP 1000 COMPACT heat pump in the aquarium was indeed a perfect choice.

The heat pump has been working for more than 4 years, and we can very proudly say, that the jellyfish are doing fine and so does our machine. This positive feedback makes us very happy, as considering the fact, that the heat pump runs non-stop in a salty environment, there is still an absolutely problem free operation. Every heat pump of our production is equipped with a special titanium water exchanger, that beside heating and cooling the overflowing water is absolutely resistant to salt, chlorine, low PH rate or other chemical substances. Moreover, titanium is a harmless material, enabling problem free operation and bringing comfort for both people and animals.